NextGen Leaders Here’s Why Succession Readiness Should Matter to You!

NextGen Leaders Here’s Why Succession Readiness Should Matter to You!

Are you ready

Are you a NextGen professional who aspires to being an owner or successor at your current firm?  If you answered yes, you are not alone.  You are also not alone if you feel like you are in the dark wondering what your firm founder or leaders’ plans are for succession and, importantly, what that means for you.

There is no need to remain in the fog of uncertainty and wondering. Read on for a critical first step you can take to become succession ready starting right where you are.  Before jumping into details, let’s start with defining what I mean by succession ready.

“Succession ready” NextGen leaders

In my conversations regarding succession planning with NextGen professionals, I’ve consistently heard frustration expressed regarding their firm’s lack of transparency.  The emotions expressed are not surprising as persistent feelings of uncertainty are likely to create feelings of frustration, anger or even fear.  Another big contributor to these feelings of uncertainty, is a belief that it’s all out of your control.

All of this contributes to declining engagement and, for so many, persistent thoughts about, “What other options are out there for me?”  If this rings true for you, I hope you’ll consider what this definition of succession ready can mean for you.

Succession ready means YOU are clear on your:

  • Personal vision for your career and life
  • Self-assessment of the skills and personal qualities you need to grow in the direction of your vision
  • Role in communicating candidly and transparently…with kindness
  • Commitment to developing into the kind of leader you desire to become

In my work with firm founders, I’m a tireless advocate for my proprietary Triple Win Succession Success Formula which brings laser focus to the importance of communication, engagement and professional development.

triple win succession formula


Imagine what could be possible for you, with a personal commitment to your professional development… regardless of what your firm’s leadership does?



Step one to be succession ready… and why it matters

Step one is all about personal accountability for developing your skills and getting the experience needed to align with your vision. When you own your development plan—your readiness, you empower yourself to become a leader starting right where you are NOW.

Step one to be succession ready

This is also why being “succession ready” matters.  When you are ready, willing, and able to invest your precious attention in your own learning and growth, you dramatically expand the range of what’s possible.

This is an amazing way to regain a sense of control and chart your path.  This is true whether you stay where you are or explore your options.  This is also true if you choose not to become a firm owner’s successor!

So here’s my question to you: Are you ready, willing and able to commit to your own professional development and create a roadmap for action?

You can do this. I can help.  Clients hire me to guide and support them in becoming Succession Ready. Let’s work together to design a clear path forward starting right where you are.

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