Step back to discover what matters most for legacy and succession

Assess and elevate buy-in to design a plan that works

Launch your journey with confidence and support

What you have built is too important to leave to chance.

Is the global crisis shining a spotlight on what’s not working for you and the sustainability of your business?

  • Are your days a blur of activity more than ever leaving you struggling with how to balance client care with leading your team?
  • Is uncertainty about your plans creating tension in your relationships with your partners and potential successors?
  • Has communication broken down blocking buy-in from your team for the mission and what you are building?
  • Have you lost people critical for you achieving your aspirations and hiring feels impossible?
  • Are you growing worried about your probability of leaving a legacy and monetizing your business?

Succession planning doesn’t have to be a struggle. Real engagement, real planning matters now more than ever.

Get the customized support you deserve.


Clarity is confidence. You don’t have to go it alone.

Let’s work together to:

Discover what’s truly matters to you and your team for legacy

Discover what’s truly matters to you and your team for legacy

Step back to from business as usual to see the big picture. We’ll determine who your critical stakeholders are for achieving success now and on the path to succession in the future. We’ll prepare you to engage in conversations that truly matter to ensure buy-in for a shared vision of success.

Assess, engage deeply and plan with confidence

Assess, engage deeply and plan with confidence

Courageous conversations produce precious insights that shine a light on what’s working and what’s not. We’ll harvest these insights to create a customized roadmap using my proprietary Triple Win Succession Success Formula as a guide. Next steps will be clearly identified and communicated to stakeholders ensuring you get moving in the right direction.

Launch with confidence and support for the journey

Launch with confidence and support for the journey

You’ll gain new skills to communicate more effectively with your team inspiring loyalty and trust. Customized roadmaps, coaching and development tools are designed to support you with developing leadership and professional skills essential for executing your plan.
Enjoy whole-hearted buy-in for the journey you are going on together. A win for you. A win for your stakeholders. A win for clients.

Together we’ll determine what you really want NOW for your legacy so that you and your business thrive on this phase of your journey… starting right where you are.

Your plan to lead with confidence and set your business apart

1. Schedule a call

1. Schedule a call

2. Create a personalized succession road map and action plan

2. Create a personalized succession road map and action plan

3. A clear path forward

3. A clear path forward


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Meet Laurie Nichols.

I’ve been where you are.

I understand how isolating it can be to create and execute a real plan for your ideal succession. One that aligns with your vision for yourself, your team, and your clients.

Our work together will ensure you feel empowered, heard, and understood throughout.

Laurie brings over 30 years of professional service leadership experience to her work:

CPA and bank auditor
20+ years as Managing Partner
Lead role in a management buy-out, founder succession, and sale and transition of investment business.

You can do this. I can help.


What is the true cost to you of putting off strategic succession planning?

Succession planning is an especially daunting process for entrepreneurial professionals reflecting on their life’s work and contemplating their legacy.

The global pandemic has escalated these feelings and compounded the risk from the crisis already looming due to the growing number of shareholders approaching retirement age without sound succession plans in place.

For too many, this creates a “lose-lose-lose” formula for firm sustainability, shareholders and NexGen professionals.

What’s the alternative?  Create a “win-win-win” by engaging in Laurie Nichol’s proprietary Succession Success Formula. A win for owners.  A win for successors. A win for clients.  Effective and based in neuroscience, the formula is a framework for engagement focused on cultivating trust and necessary buy-in for successful leadership transition.

This program is for Founders/Owners who recognize the importance of proactive planning to lay the necessary foundation to ensure the legacy and sustainability of their business. Gone are the days of waiting for “someday” to come.

Let’s get started.