• Laurie has helped me find meaning and purpose to what I do. She has taught me how to use my core values to make decisions; and to not make decisions out of fear or because I ‘should’. Through this process Laurie has helped me discover who I am and where I am going; it’s quite powerful, really. I am aware, now, of the freedom I have to choose and to change; freedom I didn’t really recognize before Laurie’s coaching. With Laurie’s help, I have created a personal mission statement. It unraveled for me a very definite path that helped me recognize why I do what I do and what energizes me - Laurie will call this ‘this juice of life’. So eye opening and enlightening!

    Sue B. Minneapolis
  • “We appreciate you and your investment of energy into us. I have personally benefited very much from your training, motivation and guidance. This next year is going to be fantastic and I’m glad to have you a part of it!”

    Steve Pollock Owner/CEO, Reason Financial
  • “2017 was a great year and 2018 is off to an encouraging start—a lot of this a result of your strategic coaching. I look forward to continuing to work with you.”

    Sean Storck Owner, Reason Financial
  • “From the get-go there was an ease to working with Laurie. She allowed me to get out my story without interruption, which drove the rest of our work together. I can say she gave pertinent and on-point advice, she did. I can say she gave me exercises to use on my prospective client calls. She did. I can even say she gave me homework to help me course correct - taking into account where I've been and defining where I want to go. But with all of this, what really made me pause, was Laurie saying, you are who you are, and proceeding to work within the dynamic of me. We often spend our lives twisting and turning to the experts who tell us we are not enough. Laurie acknowledges that you are enough and provides you with the skills to enhance who you are, in your own skin. I felt defined from our work.”

    Marcia Evans Founder, Prana Partners
  • “Laurie has made a huge impact in my career and life. Her active, intentional approach to coaching is both affirming and motivating. She has a wealth of knowledge and can answer difficult questions, but what she excels at is getting to the root of an issue and promoting lasting change. Very grateful for my work with Laurie.”

    Lacey J. Owner, Highly Anticipated
  • “Working with Laurie has helped me focus my energy in good and positive ways.  Having her expertise has pinpointed areas that need growth and development and those areas in my life that are going well. I feel as though I have good direction and more insight into my energy levels—a revelation really.”

    Lori Culp Owner, Lor’s Tours
  • “We are grateful for the part you played in helping us to realize this possibility for our lives.  Someone told me to be careful about being coached because it can change your life – in a good way, of course!”

    Linda O. Wealth Management Professional/Leadership Coach 
  • “Laurie is a tremendous coach. She performed an insightful team assessment and thoughtful debrief.  What I appreciate most about Laurie is her perspective and approach- she is direct and tactful in pointing out areas that need to be considered a different way.  She has made a remarkable difference and her help is truly appreciated.”

    Robyn Brown Chief Development Officer, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Puget Sound
  • “Laurie is truly a visionary coach. Her depth of knowledge, experience, clarity and warmth provide a welcoming and safe space to explore and shine light upon opportunities for living your fullest life. I have highly recommended her to family and friends.”

    Valerie Piacenti Pacific Sound and Voice
  • “Laurie was the perfect keynote speaker and helped to make our first ever Tourism Summit a great success. I’ve received lots of great feedback. She provided great tools and inspiration. Really appreciated!”

    Andi Day Long Beach Visitor’s Bureau
  • “This was my first time working with a business/life coach. Laurie came highly recommended and I was not disappointed! She is wonderful.  What an amazing experience. Aside from being such a delight to work with, she really knows her stuff and how to help get to the root of things where the real work happens.  She provides the perfect combination of challenge and support. I have had so many breakthroughs that have helped me bring my business and life to the next level. I am truly grateful and so happy I made the decision to work with Laurie.” 

    Amy O. Mortgage Professional
  • I would absolutely recommend coaching, and have, to friends and family.  I think it was a great use of my time and brain energy.  It allowed me to focus on myself in the present, and not dwell on the past.  That was a key factor for me.  It is not often that I take time to ask myself thought-provoking questions that can help change my outlook on life.  Key takeaway for me: I am in charge of my priorities, my passions and how my time is spent.  Another lightbulb moment for me was going through the personality/value cards, and ranking my value system.  I would not have expected to find that out about myself without coaching. As a result, I am pivoting my life in a direction I want, while still prioritizing my family.  I have started a new business and am saying “no” to things that I don’t value.  In the most polite way. I don’t spend quality time with people who don’t fill me up.  Both intellectually and emotionally.  Laurie is amazing!  Such a positive experience with her style and energy.  She was born to do this.”

    Stacy M Entrepreneur