NexGen Professionals

Does this sound familiar?

  • You have been in your professional career for 8+years
  • You feel purpose in your work, even if you’re not in the ideal situation
  • You are not a shareholder in the business you currently work for
  • You are READY for the next chapter in your career

If the answer is “yes,” you’re what I call a “NexGen” professional.

 Vision. Passion. Purpose.

Many NexGen professionals find themselves at a crossroads,
wondering whether they are in the right place,
with the right people…on the right path for them.

Are you frustrated? Disengaged? Unfulfilled?

Together, we’ll create a compelling vision to guide your path forward.
We’ll identify how YOU define success, and we’ll plan a course of action
so that you can courageously create the career you desire.

More contribution.

More impact.

More inclusion.

More financial success.

 IMAGINE with me:

  • No more uncertainty about whether you’re in the right place
  • No more anxiety around feeling “stuck”
  • No more worrying about your future financial security
  • No more feeling like your hard work is unappreciated

 WORK with me:

  • Create a clear vision for your career AND your life
  • Enjoy peace of mind knowing you have a solid plan in place
  • Have a strategic partner in your corner supporting YOU
  • Learn to navigate your work culture and move forward with confidence

Don’t sell yourself short.

Get support. Get clarity. Get going.

My coaching works because I’m your champion, your confidante, and your strategic partner. I’ll hold you accountable to your vision — the truth of what you want — so you can stop settling and get after it.

Hear it from your peers:

  • Laurie has helped me find meaning and purpose to what I do. She has taught me how to use my core values to make decisions; and to not make decisions out of fear or because I ‘should’. Through this process Laurie has helped me discover who I am and where I am going; it’s quite powerful, really. I am aware, now, of the freedom I have to choose and to change; freedom I didn’t really recognize before Laurie’s coaching. With Laurie’s help, I have created a personal mission statement. It unraveled for me a very definite path that helped me recognize why I do what I do and what energizes me - Laurie will call this ‘this juice of life’. So eye opening and enlightening!

    Sue B. Minneapolis

You can do this. I can help.