CHASING UNLEASHED. The Intersection of Business And Life.

CHASING UNLEASHED. The Intersection of Business And Life.


I was thrilled to join Dan Weedin and the Chasing Unleashed Podcast audience to share my thoughts on how everyone can plan their exit from business and career, and how to create a legacy and set up the next adventures in life.

Succession planning is about so much more than “just” strategic planning. It requires A LOT of intentional focus on engaging with your most essential stakeholders in having a great outcome that is beneficial to all.

In this video clip from my conversation with Dan, we discuss the importance of transparent AND courageous conversations between business owners and their Next Gen professionals. I hope you’ll be inspired to begin having those courageous conversations regarding your aspirations for succession and a meaningful legacy.

Courageous Conversation About Business Succession Planning – YouTube

Do you want your business to have a legacy? 

How do you create that legacy?

Listen to the entire interview on the Chasing Unleashed Podcast, wherever you get your podcasts. The entire interview is here:

Show notes:

As a former “NextGen” professional, a shareholder, and an owner, Laurie has experienced the highs, the lows, and the loneliness that come with building — and eventually selling — an independent investment firm.

In this episode, Dan Weedin talks with Laurie Nichols, Succession Planning and NextGen Development Coach to explore the challenges AND the opportunities for succession planning as well as life planning.

Laurie shares insights and tips with Dan on succession planning from her experience over 30 years in the industry and, more recently, coaching founders, partners and teams.  Her work focuses on helping owners uplevel their leadership and communication skills to truly connect with their NextGen successors so that they can whole-heartedly buy-in to a vision for succession that’s beneficial to all.

Highlights of Laurie and Dan’s conversation:

  • How do you define succession planning—owner’s perspective vs. “next gen” leader perspectives?
  • What are common obstacles and the antidote? (Hint: Courageous conversations!)
  • What part does fear and self-identity play for business owners?
  • Essential steps to get started with courageous conversations
  • Importance of self-awareness and emotions as your personal GPS
  • It’s not too soon; you’re not too young to be planning… and dreaming!

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Is creating and leaving a legacy important to you?

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Together we’ll determine what you really want for your legacy so that you and your business thrive on this phase of your journey… starting right where you are.

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