Lessons Learned Navigating the Tricky Path from Independence to Sale

Lessons Learned Navigating the Tricky Path from Independence to Sale

Are you a stakeholder in your firm being “succession ready”?  The answer is yes if you are a founder, a senior shareholder or a potential NextGen Successor.  Successfully navigating the journey from independence to a succession event—internal or M&A—can be a daunting process for even the most motivated principals.

Buy-in from stakeholders is ESSENTIAL to ensure a GREAT outcome for all, achieving a desired valuation and enjoying the journey.

I recently shared my personal reflections on this same journey with Lisa J. Downs, ACC, CPTD .  In this wide-ranging conversation, I shared my most important lessons (and a few regrets!) learned from successfully executing a sale and navigating my own exit.  It’s these lessons learned that continue to serve me today in my work as a Succession Planning coach.

Episode 62: Laurie Nichols Talks Succession Planning – New Aspect Coaching (yournewaspect.com)

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