Creating a Succession Success Formula


Are you ready to say goodbye to a life and career spent on autopilot?
Are you done waking up with another year gone by without any planning for your own future?

When it comes to creating the lifestyle, succession plan, or transition you really want, there’s nothing more important than smart, heart-felt encouragement and a healthy dose of strategy.

This is the story of how I came to my work and how I can help.

Five years ago, I decided to take the plunge and leave my career in a money management firm. The process ignited in me a new sense of purpose and led me to the work I do today: helping smart, successful wealth management professionals—founders and key team members—build an engaging firm culture that supports professional development AND the creation of a positive, supportive succession plan.

Every day, I help individuals and firms bridge the communication and generation gap in order to achieve a true win-win-win. This is my Succession Success Formula.

What is a win-win-win succession plan?

True succession success means a “winning” outcome for everybody: for Founders, for NexGen professionals, and for their clients. It means satisfying careers, great financial results, happy clients, and happy workplaces.

It means a powerful legacy for everybody.

For over 20 years as a Managing Partner in a money management firm, I managed the business and traversed the country marketing to and connecting with financial advisors. Then, when I took the first steps in my career reinvention, I followed my passion by creating true connections with like-minded professionals and exploring a powerful vision for what’s possible.

That was just the beginning.

I subsequently became a Certified Professional Coach employing the Core Energy Coaching Process to help my clients understand what truly inspires them and find renewed energy for life and work. As a Registered Life Planner (RLP) with the Kinder Institute of Life Planning, I’m also able to support my clients in understanding the emotional role that money plays in their lives.

The Succession Success Formula developed out of this potent combination: deep-rooted experience in business and money management, as well as countless hours of coaching training.

Why the formula matters.

I developed the Succession Success Formula because I meet too many professionals who feel “stuck” with the status quo…just like I used to. Through experience, I also know that there are many founders and next generation leaders who are looking for a better model to guide the way.

Using the Succession Success Formula, I light up my clients and help them develop an achievable vision for an inspired life and career.

If you feel like it might be time to plan a triple-win succession for your firm, it is. It’s never too early to start!

I would love to hear your story!

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