“You can’t start the next chapter of your life if you keep re-reading your last one.”

Nancy Holowaty

Reignite Your Fire with
the Next Chapter Vision

Are you an over-fifty professional feeling the clock ticking on your life?

If these scenarios sound all too familiar…

  • Tired of being on autopilot and feeling helpless about time passing you by
  • Longing for something more, but feeling like it’s too late for you
  • Frustrated by a sense of being financially trapped by your own success
  • Stuck where you are grinding it out until “retirement”
  • Feeling disconnected from a sense of purpose and people and activities you used

to enjoy

…Then you will LOVE the breakthroughs that await you!

With this unique assessment & a private coaching session you will:

  • Discover what may be draining you mentally, emotionally, physically and financially.
  • Get clear on what you are attracting and deflecting in your life so that you can feel reenergized and attract more of what you DO want.
  • Uncover what you can do right NOW to reduce overwhelm, stress and frustration so that you can feel free to envision living and working with renewed energy and purpose

Ready to Reignite Your Fire?  Let’s Get Started!

Program Includes:

  • 30-Minute On-line Next Chapter Readiness Assessment
  • 2 hours of story busting, torch lighting coaching with Laurie Nichols

Are You Ready?

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